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Robert Jayne, Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional  interview on Long Island for sale


Check out my interview, Should You Refinance Your Mortgage, on Long Island For Sale, one of the top sites for Long Island NY real estate, including Freeport, NY homes for sale. Long Island For Sale also services Georgia real estate and Pennsylvania homes for sale.




“I was thrilled with the level of expertise and the turn times at Vanguard Funding. I’m not new to buying real estate, and after my attorney recommended Vanguard, I wanted to meet a loan officer in person to be sure the bank was a good fit. The loan officer I met with at the bank was very knowledgeable. He easily absorbed the information on my business returns; in the past, other banks have called to ask me a ton of irrelevant questions and required endless explanations. Then he recommended a loan product that actually made a lot more financial sense than the one I was originally going to pursue, and I anticipate savings in the 10’s of thousands as a result. I can sum up my experience at Vanguard Funding using three words “Fast, Efficient, Intelligent”. When you’ve invested in real estate for as long as I have, you realize those qualities are essential.”

- John DiVirgilio

“I want to be sure that you commend Chris for his hard work and tenacity. He went above and beyond what any other mortgage company would have done to find a loan that worked for us. It’s nice to know there are still people and companies who actually serve the customer.”

- Stephanie D., Bel Alton, MD